Yuba Watershed Institute

The Yuba Watershed Institute is a group of citizens who are concerned with the sustainable use of natural resources and the protection of long-term biological diversity within the Yuba River watershed.

Tree Rings 2015- Call for Contributions

The YWI is currently accepting submissions for our annual journal, Tree Rings.

DEADLINE EXTENSION!  Submissions should be received by Monday, November 23, 2015.


The theme of the upcoming edition is “Agriculture in the Yuba Watershed”

Please share your stories of life as a farmer, homesteader, or gardener! We welcome well-researched perspectives and personal narratives related to the cultivation of local food systems and agrobiodiversity, the history and the future of agriculture in the Yuba Watershed, challenges and successes stories about growing food (and other crops) in the mountains, innovative or creative agricultural techniques you’ve experimented with at your homestead, and other agricultural-related topics that inspire you. We also always welcome natural history stories of the ‘Inimim, as well as art and poetry reflecting your visions and contemplations of living sustainably in the forest.

We are requesting art, letters, poems, articles, and notes related to this topic.

Articles and letters should be limited to 1,000 words or less.

This edition will be edited by Daniel Nicholson and Corinne Munger.

Submissions should be emailed to corinne_munger@live.com by November 23, 2015.

Email Corinne or call 292-3589 for more information.


Save the Big Trees of the ‘Inimim Forest

Work Party

November 7, 2015

More details available at our events calendar.



Save the Date!

18th Annual Fungus Foray and Wild Mushroom Exposition

December 12-13, 2015

Shady Creek Outdoor School and Event Center (new location this year)

If you are coming from out of the area, now is a good time to make accommodation plans.

More details coming available at our events calendar.



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